We begin season 1 of our blog in the offseason. Part of the reason for this timing is because we’re starting anew, putting old accomplishments and disappointments behind us. But mostly, we’re starting the blog now because we actually have time to start the blog. The offseason is a delightful vacation from the frenzy of February – August. Here’s a list of things that we have time to do now:

Long, fun bike rides where no one whips their dick out on climbs. (But for the record, we did beat our men’s A teammate up the final climb because he hadn’t touched his bike in two weeks. But we’re not keeping score; that is the beauty of the offseason.)

Mountain bike (Diane gets to mountain bike and reports that it’s really fun. Judy would mountain bike, but her Gary Fisher is currently in her parents’ basement 3,000 miles away.)

Declare our intentions to do a PhD. Diane has taken the plunge so she can officially be Judy’s teammate and training partner for the next bajillion number of years it takes both of us to finish doctorate degrees. And yes, that is a scientific estimate with confidence intervals of plus or minus a bajillion years.

Attempt to use our upper bodies. This occurred while doing an exercise circuit we’re pretty sure was designed for retirees.

Have promiscuous sex and eat lots of ice cream. (Wouldn’t you like to know more details? Here’s one: it was cookie dough.)

Focus on work (Yea, we get things done during the other 7 months of the year, but there’s something nice about being able to concentrate on work without the gnawing hunger and extreme fatigue of January training.)