I was heartbroken to see this story in VeloNews today about Amy Dombrowski’s death. I never met Amy Dombrowski, but I had gotten used to seeing her name in cycling results. Plus, the women’s cycling community is small enough that I had at least one indirect connection to her. (I watched a video that VeloNews posted today of Dombrowski winning a cross race a couple years ago. I certainly recognized on a personal level some other faces in the field.)

Tragedies like this hit close to home precisely because this community is so small. Additionally, it’s so easy to see that this accident could have happened to any one of us. As a bike racer, I’m used to feeling healthy, strong, and invincible. The reminder that we are so vulnerable not only hurts, but it also seems unfair. How could such a viivacious and energetic person be snatched away from us so abruptly?