Winter training actually began a couple of weeks ago, but due to the constraints of graduate school, we are only now getting around to telling all of you what we think about it. We wrote the following two paragraphs at some point in the past month (who can tell at this point?) but they’re only now getting published. Enjoy!


So we haven’t blogged in a while…I’m sure all five of you out there are crying at night, wondering when we will return even though you see us constantly on group rides and at Foundation workouts. I’m pretty sure you know what we’ve been up to. But did you know that I (Judy) today at approximately 9 am, stood in the bathroom stall at work, changing after a wet, rainy morning ride, and looked down at my bum only to see the dreaded and familiar freshman stripe? I took my Craft base layer, wiped away the smut, put on my pants and went on with my day. That, in a nutshell, is winter training. Riding in the dark, being tired, repeating.


Winter training threw in a new twist the other day. Just when it seemed like it was all bearable – it hasn’t rained much, I have a really bright light for riding in the dark, I can throw leg warmers over my fleece bibs for chilly morning rides – winter training crushes your spirit. Two weeks ago I realized during a very windy TTT practice that I had forgotten to pack shoes with my change of clothes. On top of that, when I was changing to go to class I realized something smelled really bad. It turns out it was my helmet, and consequently my hair. That was a pretty miserable day spent clopping around campus in bike shoes with smelly hair.