We just finished our first full weekend of racing with the Folsom Bike/Cervelo team, and it has just confirmed what we knew all along, THIS TEAM IS FREAKING AWESOME.  Although we are already lucky enough to be on an exceptional collegiate team, when you get to race from February to September it certainly benefits to also be on one of the local teams.

Thanks to our teammate Dani and coach Judd, we are lucky enough to be on a stellar team based out of Folsom, California.

(If you want the full gory details on our races, check out the Folsom blog here: http://folsombikewomensracing.wordpress.com/)

In the meantime, we’d like to share just how perfect everything about the Folsom team is.

The ladies are hilarious, superfast, and unbelievably accomplished. While Diane and I sometimes complain about having to juggle our academic and athletic lives, several of our Folsom teammates are also mothers in addition to being SO FAST. Can you believe that?! Like, really, it’s sort of unreal. Our super star captain Marley Smith took second at Masters Road Nationals last summer.

Our sponsors have gone above and beyond, providing us with bikes (Cervelo), helmets and gloves (Giro), food (Osmo), and bike fits & fitness testing (Judd Van Sickle with UC Davis Sports Performance Center). We also couldn’t do this without our financial sponsors (Folsom Bike, Raley’s, and Cal Family Fitness). Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post (no really, it’s upcoming – we actually already wrote it) on our team director Erin Gorrell (owner of Folsom Bike).

Also, the kits are HAWT. We go like really really fast in them, and it is very impressive. Thanks, Hincapie!

Riding with the Folsom Ladies over winter was the best training we could ask for – it was always challenging, and every ride was a great lesson on how to laugh really hard while pedaling a bike.