We recognize the irony of sitting on this post idea for months – but Diane and I have long wanted to write about our awe of Women Who Get Shit Done (WWGSDs). I bet you all know someone like this in your life – the strong, whip smart, super accomplished lady who just gets shit done. You give this girl a work project – boom, it’s completed. She has to chase down a rider up the road in a bike race – boom, gap closed. She comes up with an idea for a new organization – and the Internet is talking about the group next week.

Our Folsom team is full of women like this, who inspire us to get out and train every day. (Yes, that’s cheesy.) But we want to recognize in particular one woman – our super star team director, Erin Gorrell. Erin owns two bike shops – one in Folsom and one in El Dorado hills. In addition to running her business, she also runs not one, but two bike teams – ours, plus the men’s squad. And we are so fortunate to have Erin direct us. We joined the team because we loved the racers, but Erin has gone above and beyond in lining up amazing sponsors for us – from bikes to clothing to nutrition, she’s got us covered. It’s easy to perform in a race with such solid support.

We came to realize how exceptional she is, and how lucky we are to have her on our side, at the Folsom team camp lunch. She was giving a run down of the race and Gran Fondo – with George Hincapie no less – she is planning, as well as several community outreach events. We both immediately realized she is an 11 on a 1-10 scale of Getting Shit Done. 

Finally, Erin does all this while still getting out on her bike, being a Mom, and being flippin gorgeous.

Feel free to nominate your favorite WWGSD if you want to see her highlighted in a future blog post. We will be adding to this series as soon as we get our shit together.