This is what happens when I wake up early to get in my workout before realizing that my level of congestion and the state of my head cold is such to make training a bad idea. I write a rant about the Olympics:

Let’s pause here for a moment to reflect on how absurdly difficult it is to watch any Olympics coverage if you do not have a television. You certainly can’t watch any video on NBC’s web site — if you so desired to stream coverage online, you’d have to first enter in the information for your television provider. Which begs the question — if I’m trying to watch the Olympics on my computer, what’s the chance that I have a television provider? And if you think to yourself, “Maybe I want to glimpse the gold medal performance of the newly crowned ice dancing champions on YouTube,” you only have five seconds of hope before realizing you’ve been cock blocked by the IOC, who removes any footage of athletic performance approximately 15 seconds after its been uploaded.

I never had any illusion about the Olympics being an event which draws together representatives from parts of the globe. Let’s look at the medal boards for these winter games (Africa, anyone?) — but I am particularly annoyed that the IOC apparently wants to restrict viewing privileges to the smallest possible slice of humanity.