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Sorry that the blog has been quiet for a couple weeks. Diane has been in crazy finals mode, and Judy apparently can’t blog (or get herself to a bike race) without Diane. We have a few posts in the works, but to tide over all our eager readers, here are some choice quotes from the past 1.5 race weekends:

Quotes from the Stanford Race Weekend.

Spoken by: a veteran UC Davis Rider
Context: Discussion of freshmen and sophomore team members using the smart phone application Tinder
Quote: “Why can’t they just get drunk and fuck at the team party like we used to?”

Spoken by: unknown
Context: Warming up for the Stanford Crit
Quote: “Could you massage my taint?”

Spoken by: Diane
Context: Discussing breakfast coffees and coffee accouterments
Quote: “I realized I just need a latte in the mornings.”

And now on to some substance about our races. Judy won both the road race and the crit at Stanford last week, but Sara Bird (Stanford) took a well deserved win in the Berkeley road race today after an entire lap off the front. Stay tuned for more posts (shortly coming). I promise they will be worth the wait!