Happy Cesar Chavez Day! How are you spending your holiday? Diane is currently doing yoga in her chamois on the bed of a Red Roof Inn. Judy is typing up this blog post. We’re recovering after the first stage in the San Dimas race weekend. We had an uphill ITT this morning – 4.25 miles of a gradual climb. (For all the homies out there, it was basically a 20 minute Cardiac climb.)

But on to the important stuff. The race was set in a beautiful park – forested hill sides with hiking and biking trails. Of course these trails need maintenance, especially in a fire prone area. So we weren’t surprised to see a troop of men in orange suits walking by our car until we realized they were all prisoners. As we attempted to change out of our chamois and sports bras, Claire offered up one of our first quotes of the weekend, “Well that was poor timing,” remarking on the scheduling of a prisoner hill side clean up coinciding with the bike race.

What other amazing things have we overheard in the past couple hours? As you might have guessed, Dani Haulman is providing some gems. Our favorite is:

“It sounded like I was asking nicely, but I was actually just telling you [what we are doing.]” We think that this quote could be the title of her memoir. Perhaps the sub title might be, “From Conference Champion to Olympian


“I never let age be an excuse, but I was always – and still am now – younger than most people, and I don’t have any problems.”

Diane also just remarked, “Holy shit that is a significant portion of your body weight,” in reference to a photo on my phone of the biggest loogie I have ever hocked up. I would include the picture below, but we want to keep this blog family friendly.

Anyways, back to the race. The ITT was hard, but I don’t think anyone actually remembers much of it. You start and then some time later you’re done. It was sort of fun, but not as much fun as TOMORROW WILL BE. We have some sort of crazy road race with many many laps. We’ll keep you updated. If you want to know how we actually placed, you better rev up your Internet stalking skills. We were all somewhere mid-pack.