A friend called Diane out for slacking on blogging duties recently — Judy has been doing the typing for the past few entries. To be fair, Diane usually adds some sarcastic remarks to Judy’s entries so she contributes a little. But to even the balance, here is Diane’s recap of San Dimas Day 2:

I don’t know what happened between mile 2 and mile 42 of the race. I was with the pack until I got a flat at mile 2 and could not chase back on. After 5.5 laps of chasing I had to concede that I was cracked and would be time-cut even if I could manage to finish, so I saw the lead group go by for their final lap from the side of the course.

But…Judy had a great race and kicked some butt. I got to see her finish with the “big girls” in the main field. She described it as “really hard” – very insightful for a road race. Then she went on to describe how she had to be incredibly focused during the first two laps in order to make the main selection, and then just riding in the pack until the end. To give you an idea how much she was just riding in the pack, about three hours after the race ended, she found out that a Specialized Lululemon rider had won solo off the front. There will be a detailed race report on the Folsom/Cervelo website soon. Our teammates Claire, Dani, and Aliya also had a very strong race, they finished in a group that had split from the main field.

Before seeing Judy’s finish, my highlight was the EARTHQUAKE that happened last night. I had felt a couple before, one in Vancouver and one in Santiago, Chile; but when those happened, I was not even sure they were earthquakes. They were just piddley little vibrations. But this was a real earthquake, the kind that I learned about in class.  Then, the road race start was delayed while dam inspectors checked for any earthquake damage. My love of civil engineering and my love of bike racing were perfectly united at San Dimas Stage Race 2014.

Two quotes need to be reported before we sign off. One has been in the back pocket since UC Berkeley, when Judy was filtering through the many cards in her wallet. When she came to the KQED membership card, Diane remarked, “Well that’s going to get you laid.”

And then last night, Dani remarked that our team “is the opposite of business. We’re the party in the back.”

And finally – a shout out to new blog reader Robin Farina, whose encouragements for Judy at the top of the climb were totally necessary and wonderful to hear!!!!