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For my detailed race reports from nationals, check out Folsom Bike’s blog. You’ll find more than you wanted to know about the TTT, crit, and road race in Richmond. But if you want to read about everything that failed to make the sponsor’s cut, keep reading. For instance, after Dani Haulman’s second place in Friday’s individual time trial, she expressed in exasperation, “I shit silver medals out my asshole.” Given fellow Davis alum Amy Chandos got second in her D1 individual time trial and given our women’s second place finish, and then noting my second place in the crit, we considered naming this blog post, “UC Davis: We Shit Silver Medals.” Diane, in fact, might name her recap with this snazzy title.

I wish that I could tell you more about USA Cycling CEO Steve Johnson’s talk at the collegiate banquet on Friday, but unfortunately I was laughing to hard to listen. He lost me when he instructed everyone to look around their table and note that in a decade, two thirds of the people sitting at their table would be obese.


 Dani better watch out. But Steve wasn’t the only one looking out for my impending fatness. When a server came to clear away the remnants of this chocolate cake Dani was eating, I asked her to leave it on the table in case I wanted to eat some more. She looked at me and asked, “Do you know where the bathroom is? ‘Cause you’re going to need to go there if you finish that cake.”

In all honesty, this weekend was remarkably tame. The lack of social shenanigans and our impressive race performances are probably related. After Saturday’s crit and award ceremony, Diane and I were too tired to move so we left our parents (who went out to dinner together) while we went back to the hotel, got into bed at 7 pm, ordered Chipotle online, and had our coaches pick up the meal for us and hand deliver it. Getting fed was a continual theme of the weekend. Steve Johnson should have a talk with my mother, who basically fed Diane and me continually for 4 hours on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a sampling of dishes we ate: smoked salmon, baked salmon, roasted veggies, eggplant/roasted red pepper purree, lamb burgers, roast chicken, rice, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. This is not a joke. It’s probably a really good thing that Mama Wexler fueled me up this weekend, because as I sit here on the plane to California Monday morning, I’m already back into a caloric deficit. I didn’t have time to eat dinner last night — I was watching our men’s race, going to the Sunday evening podium, driving back to Maryland, packing my bike and then getting into bed at 11 pm — and I definitely didn’t eat proper breakfast before my 6:30 am today. The past 16 hours I subsisted off of trail mix. On that note, I’m going to wrap up this blog post, both to conserve my own limited energy reserves and that of my rapidly draining computer battery.