You can all breathe a sigh of relief. Humor has returned to the blog. Let’s start out with a screen shot from last night. Even when Diane and I are out drinking at Thursday mojito night in Davis, we are brainstorming about our presence on the Internet. I even sent Diane this email as we were drinking:


Speaking of our activities last night, we want to pause for a shout out to homegirl Rachel. The motivation for going out drinking was to celebrate her recent postdoc offer. We’ll be extremely sad to have her leave, but we’re very stoked for this new career opportunity she has. In fact, it seems that so many of our closest friends are moving away for endeavors such as Med School, Law School, PhDs etc. I guess this is the curse of having such successful and motivated friends; it also means that Diane and I might have to start hanging out with new people so we don’t spend too much time together.

Back to Thursday night mojitos – the cyclists also went out dancing to celebrate. Surprisingly, cyclist dancing is not quite as awkward as you are picturing. We are surprisingly agile not only on our bikes, but also on the dance floor.Image

It has been fun to have time to relax, goof off, and come up with silly blog ideas after the collegiate season. So get ready, the blog will be funny and sassy for a while, at least until Judy gets introspective and serious again.