Diane has a problem. It started innocuously enough, watching live streams of the Giro d’Italia. Who doesn’t love to listen to British voices on EuroSport while making breakfast, coding, or pipetting in the lab? Conveniently for those of us on the West Coast, European Pro races tend to end around 8:30 in the morning, making it easy for us to watch races while not intruding on the formal work day. And then we had a nice holiday (Memorial Day) for the US Professional Road Race last month, so we could watch the amazing Tour Tracker from the comfort of our homes. Watching live cycling is pretty addictive. Will the break get caught? Oh my gawd, did you just see the move that guy pulled to get to the front of the field? Holy shit, that b*tch just attacked on the downhill!

And therein lies Diane’s problem. She got addicted to watching live cycling feeds. It can happen to the best of us, so if you want to know some of the warning signs of this dangerous addiction, the following might happen to you:

You find yourself watching a live stream of the Philly pro race – well what is supposed to be a live stream of the race. It was actually more of a “day in the life of a camera moto”. When the video stream starts it is a the point of view of the camera man walking through the race area while holding his camera at his hip. He is talking his way into the restricted areas, waiting for the moto and expressing his fear about riding on the back of the moto to a friendly volunteer. This continues for 15-20 minutes and you continue to watch hoping that the race will come and he will film it. Finally your perseverance pays off and Alison Powers comes by, followed a minute later by the rest of the women. You get to see the race all from the point of view of this one moto without the commentary of mistaken rider identities and crazy race speculations. Even though the footage doesn’t always show the race, especially after the moto is reprimanded by the officials for getting so close to the riders that they could launch off the moto, you continue to watch the distance peloton right to the end of the shaky video.

Or, after a day at work you have some time to kill before heading off for the weekend so you open the Tulsa Tough live feed and see if you can catch the women’s pro race. When you open the stream, it is the men’s cat 3 race. Instead of turning it off and doing productive things, you watch it until the sprint finish.


Watching a live video stream of a Men’s Cat 3 crit in which you do not know any of the racers might be rock bottom. If it is not, let’s hope it is not too much further.