We are two UC Davis PhD students with the names of 50 year old women. We are each other’s emergency contact on USAC release forms. We both race for UC Davis and Folsom Bike/Cervelo cycling teams.

Between us we have

1 cat

7 bikes

1 World Record in Human Powered Helicopter Flight

1 scientific publication in press

A 10 inch height discrepancy

Uncountable chamois (How do you pluralize chamois?)

Citizenships to two countries

9 different different bottle of Essie nail polish


Judy grew up in the suburban sprawl of Washington, D.C. She found the promised land when she moved to the West Coast after finishing an undergraduate degree in French and philosophy at an Ivy Reject school outside of Boston. She’s currently pursuing a PhD in Population Biology at Davis where she spends her free time playing with her Maine Coon Cat, Mr. Bayes. When racing, she hangs out in the pack and waits for a field sprint.

Diane represents the Canadian contingent on the UC Davis and Folsom Bike teams. She’s a danger to the pack — don’t let her get away, because she’ll stay away. Or she might crash you out if she gets distracted by geologic formations on the side of the road. Diane studies geotechnical engineering at Davis. She is incapable of functioning without eating approximately 20 apples per day.


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